Madison Hart
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“PAINTED STORIES”—my world on canvas.

“For me, every painting tells a story, each piece representing my thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences. But that’s just the beginning. When my work is purchased from a gallery, it then reflects the owner’s feelings and interpretation of the image, a magical combination of creativity and appreciation that energizes it in a whole new way. My greatest joy comes from hearing the continuing narratives from the collectors of my work.”

British Columbia artist, Madison Hart, began exhibiting her work professionally in 1992. In 1993, one of her paintings won an Award of Excellence in the B.C. Festival of the Arts. Since that time, her art has been featured in numerous shows, in both public and private galleries. Images of her work were also donated to raise money for many children’s charities and licenced to Daydreams Inc. and Wyman and Son for Calendars sold throughout the USA.

Listed on the Government of Canada “Canadian Heritage Information Network”, as well as in the “Biennial Guide to Canadian Artists in Galleries”, Madison's art is well known and respected. Her paintings have also been featured in countless publications, including the Canadian art magazine, “Magazin’Art”, on the cover of “B.C. Wine Country” magazine, and most recently, in the luxurious Art, Architecture and Design magazine, “Arabella”—Summer 2015.

"Madison Hart’s creative outlook has developed on a spiritual plane over the years. She now paints what she feels, not what she sees; each piece a colorful narrative filled with surprises. Houses, trees, gardens, roads…every element symbolizes the journey of life guided by faith, fate, and lessons learned. Her work is positive and uplifting, each painting bringing happiness to those who view them."
—Brett Anningson, Arabella Magazine.

"Madison’s paintings are like her garden, you can walk through them time after time and there’s always something new to discover!"
—Richard Waugh & Nina Nechrporuk, Magazin’Art.

"Over the years Madison’s work has evolved from realism to what she now refers to as Expressionism. Her paintings are bold and colorful; exuding a contagious energy and joy that clearly reflects her inner being."
—Sandra Hogarth, Artist Agent.

Available Artwork by Madison Hart

BOATS - 30 x 36
Wishing on Stars - 24 x 20
Snow Falls - 24 x 20
Cherry Blossoms on the Boulevard - 40 x 30
Morning Light Rendezvous - 36 x 48

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